Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tot School! Two weeks of fun!

Tot School

These past two weeks of Tot-school have been a little haphazard but filled with lots of life-school if not much else! Hey- it's summer after all, so I can't feel too bad!

We did get in a few days of lessons though. We have specifically been working on our letters. We have been doing some of the projects off of the Totally Tots site for working through the alphabet. I usually introduce a new letter by using the Starfall site and then we do the project. R-Man had been pretty non-committal about most of the letters, but when we got to "C" he fell in love! He now points out Cs on EVERYTHING! It is so funny! And reassuring (phew... he is learning something)!

Here is the cat project we did for the letter C

Here are the dinosaur prints we did across the letter D

We spent a little bit of time at a local splash pad to try to escape the heat! R-Man never stopped running! Well, I shouldn't say that- he did stop running, but only to start dancing to the music that must just constantly be playing in his head! It was hysterical to watch!

(always on the go!)

R-Man also got to seem some relatives on daddy's side this past week- Auntie Barbara and Aunt Laurie (Grammy's Aunt and sister). They were both a total kick in the pants! Let's just say that wigs, do-rags (I am sure I am spelling that horribly wrong!), flipping backwards in reclining chairs, and chocolate candies called "Bear Poop" were involved, among other things that I dare not mention! Just see for yourself-


One of Auntie Barbara's new wigs- the whole family tried it on! Quite the site! Doesn't he look thrilled?!

Both boys in their new motorcycle shirts

Say cheese! I was tickling him, trying to get a real smile!

Getting tickled by Aunt Laurie!

Getting wrapped up like a burrito in his car mat by Aunt Laurie!

The final burrito!

Posing with Auntie Barbara

Auntie Barbara going for a ride in the recliner! The first thing she yelled was "Grab a camera!"

Holdin' Lion Cub! Does he look a little scared to you?!

And finally, some pics taken by R-Man himself!


Grammy & Lion Cub
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