Our Curriculum 2011-2012

Wow- another school year is already upon us and we are starting "actual" school this year- aka Kindergarten!  While we have been Tot Schooling and Pre-k-ing for years now, this year somehow seems so much more "official!"  Below you will find all of our curriculum picks for this year in the condensed list version.  If you would like to know why we chose what we did and learn more about our homeschooling style (eclectic, hands-on, Charlotte Mason, unit study with maybe a little classical thrown in along the way) then you can go to this post here.

**Coming soon- A Day in Our Life (how the lessons actually play out) and you can also look forward to weekly posts about what we have been studying.***

Bible- Grapevine Studies
          Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System
          Bob Jones Truths for Christian Growth K5 (during family morning devotions)
          The Word of Promise Audio Bible (throughout the day)
          Leading Little Ones to God (during family dinner devotions)
          We also will be regularly continuing to read from My First Hands on Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible

Math- Horizons K

Reading- Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
                Abeka Blend Ladders
                You Can Read

Spanish- Speekee (hopefully)

Piano- Bastien's Young Beginners Series

All the rest (geography, history, science, art, writing composition, handwriting and whatever else you can think of)- Galloping the Globe & Expedition Earth.  We will be studying Asia, the Poles and Europe this year, along with Christmas Around the World.  We will also take a short break at Thanksgiving for a Thanksgiving Unit Study.

We will also be participating in a weekly co-op for some extracurricular activities.  During the first session Rhythm will be taking Music, Building with Legos and Learning Through Play Dough (and he couldn't be more excited!).

For Lion Cub I plan to include him as much as possible since he loves to feel a part of EVERYTHING that is going on in our house!  I have made duplicate copies of most of copywork and coloring pages so that he can scribble with us and if I have time I will be creating some printables for him based on the countries we are covering.  He will also be doing lots of tot tray activities and some tot books and tot packs.

Looking Toward the Future...
And, believe it or not, I already have my mind wrapping around what first grade might look like!  We will definitely be wrapping up our world geography studying Africa, Oceana, South America, and North America with Galloping the Globe and Expedition Earth.  We will likely stick with Grapevine Studies for Bible and Horizons for Math along with adding in All about Reading and All About Spelling to round out our curriculum.