Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father's Day

We had such a fun Father's Day this year!  After trying out a new church (where Lion Cub actually stayed in his class for the whole service! Wahoo!) we headed for pastries at a local bakery and then made a beeline for local fun center!

We played a rousing game of miniature golf (the boys were excited because Dad wore the shirt the gave him as a gift), and Rhythm actually, legitimately tied me (and I'm not too shabby!)!  He got a hole-in-one and made par or close to it on many holes!  His Papa (the avid golfer) is so proud!  We actually gave him our score card as part of his gift since he has been teaching Rhythm more this summer than ever.

In this ridiculous shot I actually got it in the right hole but somehow it bounced and got stuck right here!  I couldn't believe it!  Arg!  There went my score!

Proof that I was there- a pink ball!

Here Lion Cub is beatin' on some poor flowering tree!  He played a bit but mostly just did his best to drive us all crazy! :-)  We love him anyway.

Aren't these flowers beautiful!  I love that my iPhone can get such close-up shots!

After the golf we raced go carts!  Rhythm rode with me and we lapped daddy and Lion Cub not one but TWICE!  If it hadn't been for that nasty little wreck we got in when someone spun out in front of us we would have kept our lead and smoked 'em!  Even so, I was positively thrilled that I creamed The Carpenter in something that involved a gas peddle!  Ha Ha!

What's that you say?  I should have let him win or at least not rubbed it in because it was Father's Day?


We had a blast and look forward to doing it again!

Monday, June 27, 2011

God Gave Us the World

What a sweet little book this is!  I thought it would be a kind of fun book to review since we are going to be doing world geography next year for school and I thought this would be a fun introduction to the differences between people living in different places around the world.

It did exactly that!  Through the simple idea of using the differences between different types of bears I was able to teach my boys how people living around the world live in a huge variety of ways. We eat different foods.  We have different kinds of weather.  We talk differently and live at different paces.

The illustrations were sweet, as they are with all these books, and my boys really enjoyed it.  And of course I loved that everything ties directly back to God as the creator!  I am sure we will return back to God Gave Us the World many times throughout the year and am glad we had the chance to review it!

I was sent this book as a part of the Blogging for Books program from Waterbrook Press for honest review.  All opinions are solely my own.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rumble, Zap, Pow (Review)

Rumble! Zap! Pow! by Diane Short and Illustrated by Luke Daab is a sweet and fun little Bible that packs a quick punch in a short space.  All the stories focus on ways that God proved himself mighty throughout the Bible and each story features a Mighty Thought (kind of like the theme), Power words (or key verse), and and activity to drive everything home.

I think this children's Bible is an ideal pick for little boys for a whole host of reasons! My boys have loved the comic book style. I think it keeps them actively involved, following all the different pictures around the page.  All the comic book style action words (such as a blast cloud with the word "Zoomfa" inside) really take the stories into "boy language" and speak straight to their little sound-effect sensibilities!  And there is just the cutest little sheep super hero who introduces all the stories- so that appeals to both mom and boys!

I will say that it is pretty surface, as Children's Bibles tend to be, but if you are just looking for a good overview of Bible Stories that present them in such a way that your kids are sure to listen, then you will most definitely enjoy Rumble!  Zap!  Pow! 

I was sent this book as a part of the Tyndale Blog Network.  All opinions are solely my own.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Grapevine Studies- Check 'em out!

Hey Everybody!  I just posted a review for the Bible Curriculum we will be using next year- Grapevine Studies- over on BOLD Turquoise.  You should definitely go check it out!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chirp Chrip... Chirp Chirp...

There are crickets- do you hear them?  Ok- you all probably thought this blog was abandoned becaue well, it pretty much was!  With the launch of my new blog (BOLD Turquoise) a couple of months ago, my efforts and pictures have mostly been stashed over there.  But as we're heading into summer and I am vigorously working to get all of my lesson plans written for next year, I have been feeling drawn back to this space.  I mean, this is the boy's blog, after all, and it is supposed to be all about their life and homeschool.  And since Rhythm will be heading into kindergarten this year and it all feels so much more official, I want to do a better job of documenting, sharing and gathering ideas from you all about our little journey.

And then there's Lion Cub!  He is such a busy, inquisitive little guy that I really think he is going to take much more to Tot School than Rhythm ever did.  Not to mention the fact that I am going to need to keep him busy with things while I am trying to work with Rhythm.  So there will be a lot to share about his little "school" days too.

So, basically all of this to say that in the next couple of days I am going to reside my place in this little space and be posting about our kindergarten curriculum choices, Tot School plans and start posting pictures again from the boy's activities and day to day lives!

Thanks for hangin' around!  I love you ladies more than my luggage!