Sunday, October 2, 2011

A family day

I feel like the days when we actually get out of the house and have a fun day as a family are too few and far between. Today, however, we really made the best of the whole day and filled it to the brim with fun. I didn't get pictures of everything but I will try to give you a running commentary of what I did capture.

Sleepy boy- crashed out on the way out to Cabellas (a sportsmen's store, for those of you not familiar)

Lion Cub pretty much woke up like this and spent much of the rest of the day in a similar mood. He takes terrible two to a whole new level... I can't imagine what his terrible threes will look like!
...but I love him anyway.

Nothing like looking at some big fish to cheer a guy up...

...or maybe not... (watch for it... that priceless pouty face will be making a reprise later in the day!)

Interlude- mama needs new shoes! Something comfortable, practical for winter and with a funky stylish edge (ya know, to match my Miche persona- more on that on BOLD Turquoise)...

These will do!

We stopped by a farm on our way back from Cabellas, drawn in by the corn maze. The huge slide (which dad accidentally video-ed instead of photographed... hence why there are no pictures of mom) and giant tires are what caught our boys attention though, so we made it simple and cheap and just stuck with those.

Rhythm actually is trying to smile, but he was squinting into the sun. Lion Cub, well, I have no explanation for that.

Lion Cub was a little unsure, so he slowly tested the waters with dad's help.

Sweet daddy-son moments!

Haulin' that little rascle back to the car!

Back home the boys rode around the driveway on their bikes and scooters while dad assembled parts on our replacement generator (the reason we had gone to Cabellas- we'd only used or first one once before it broke).

Lion Cub asked Rhythm to take him for a spin in the monster truck and he happily obliged, until he realized it was almost out of battery-life and running rather slow.

So he decided to push it... for a minute...

...and when he went back to riding his bike he left this in his wake (I told ya' you'd see that face again!)

We concluded our day with lasagna, playing in super hero costumes and then wrapping things up with a little Charlotte's Web right before bed.

Although it was a day not void of screaming or fits, it was a precious day with my family none the less. We need to have more of these making-memories kinds of days!

By the way- the hipsta' picks were taken with my hipstamatic app on my iPhone.