Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday- Week 1

I was so excited to find this cute meme!  R-Man is always saying the cutest and most hysterical things that I never want to forget, so this will be a great way to keep track of them!  If you want to join in, just visit Not Before 7http://notbefore7.blogspot.com/!

Last weekend R-Man, Judah and I got up before my husband so we went upstairs to get breakfast.  When we got up there R-Man stopped and said, "Hey, what's that sound?"

I said, "Oh, it's daddy snoring."

To which he replied, "No, I think it's a cow!"


When we went to the fair I took R-Man to the bathroom and as I held him over the toilet to do his business he kept saying "Don't drop me in the toilet mom!  I think your dropping me!  Don't drop me!"

I then used the potty and he proceeded to announce to the whole bathroom (which was quite crowded might I add!) that he could see my big bum!  Nice. 

Haha- Kids!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun at the Fair!

A couple of weekends ago we took the kids to fair and had so much fun!  We actually went two evenings in a row because the first night they gave us free tickets for the next day. 

The first night we met up with some friends (R-Man has a terrible crush on their daughter!  He constantly tells me how he is the daddy and she is the mommy and he is going to drive her around in his truck!) and focused mainly on the food and the rides. 

 R-Man did this bungy "ride" and had a blast!

The next night we spent most of our time looking at the animals.  R-Man loved seeing the horses and the goats!  We went into the Swine barn anticipating pigs but were greeted with an array of also sorts of more exotic animal life!  Swans, a tortes family, cotomundies (don't ask- they were weird), frogs and huge snakes!  I must admit that the snakes freaked me out, especially because I didn't notice that the two people were wearing them and I was only a few feet away.  My husband all of the sudden went, "Whoa!"  And I about ran screaming!

R-Man was a little leery at first but did finally pet it.

We had so much fun!  I adore these opportunities we get to just really spend time together as a family!