Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday- May 4, 2010

R-Man has had a serious fascination with Iron Man for quite some time now, even insisting on being called Iron Man a lot of the time!  So imagine our surprise when he announced the other day,

"Mom, I'm not Iron Man.  I'm Chuck Bartowski!"

Yup, that's right, my son has elevated NBC's Chuck to superhero status and desperately wants to be him!  He wants to fight the bad guys and be a spy!  Somehow, I never saw this day coming!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday R-Man!!!

My little man isn't so little anymore!  I remember the days when he was so tiny and I would look at moms with 4-year-olds and think, "Wow.  Their kids are so old!  They are like bon-a-fide moms!"  So, I guess that now makes me a bon-a-fide mom!

R-Man's birthday (April 23) turned out to by really eventful and a lot of fun!  He woke up to the house being decorated with streamers and lots of presents on the table.  When he came up the stairs I surprised him with silly string and a big, loud "Happy Birthday"- which actually shocked the living daylights out of him because he wasn't quite awake yet.  Poor guy screamed "NO!" and started crying!  Once he woke up all the way and I explained to him a little better what was going on he was in a much more amiable mood though!

Since daddy was still out of town he only got to open up his special Viking birthday hat- the rest of the gifts had to wait for daddy to arrive later that day (after having been gone for 2 whole weeks!).  He then gobbled down some special blue birthday pancakes and green eggs!  These were a big hit and have been requested (and denied!) almost everyday since!

In the middle of breakfast we were shocked to get a knock on the door which turned out to be Spiderman, in the flesh (sent by Grammy and Pappy).  He had gifts and balloons and I was expecting him to just wish R-Man Happy Birthday at the door and be on his way, but oh no, he welcomed himself right on in, told me to shut the door and carried on for the next 10 minutes with letters from the grandparents, cards and gifts.  I would be lying if I said that having a masked man in my home wasn't a worrisome experience for me, and honestly, I still wonder just why I allowed him in the door- occasionally worrying that that decision could come back to haunt us- let's hope not!

R-Man wasn't entirely sure what to make of Spiderman either.  When he came in he said, "Hi, I'm Spiderman!"

To which R-Man replied, "Well, I'm Iron Man!"  So funny!  He did seem to enjoy it overall, however, and especially had fun with the party horns and candy necklace!

He also was apparently not a fan of his red shoes!  He said that he thought blue and white shoes would look better.  He is very particular about shoes!

Lion Cub didn't know quite what to make of everything either but he tried his darndest to blow the party horn!

From that point on on Friday we pretty much went about our day as normal until daddy got home at about 7:00.  We were so excited to see him because it had been so long!  Almost right after he got home we drove up to a friend's house who we borrowed a crew-cab truck from (so that we could all fit), grabbed dinner on the run and drove the 1 1/2 hour drive back to the town daddy had been working in to pick up his tool trailer (he had pulled his 5th wheel trailer back when he came home the first time).  R-Man got to watch a movie on his mini-DVD player and eventually fell asleep since we didn't actually roll into the town until midnight, and not back home until 1:45am!  Yikes!  R-Man was still thrilled to have been able to go!

The next day things got exciting again!  We had told R-Man that he was having a party but hadn't been told where, so when we arrived at a local mega-jump house (basically a warehouse with 5 big bounce/slide/obstacle houses) he was in awe and soooo excited!  We had a great turnout of about 13 kids and even the parents got in on the fun!  Daddy and one of the other dads even raced through one of the obstacle houses- it was hilarious!

Eventually we did manage to get a group photo, although it did take a pretty concerted amount of effort!

After 1 hour & 15min of jumpin' fun we headed into the party room for cupcakes and gifts!

We were so blessed by the gifts that R-Man was given by his friends!  Some of his favorites were a volume of Curious George Adventures, a kite, fake tattoos, Iron Man figurines, and a magnet set! 

The celebrating didn't stop there though!  This past Saturday we had our family party for both R-Man and me (since my birthday was April 29).  We had dessert with my side of the family at my Grandma's house and it was especially fun since Lion Cub had just started walking a couple of days before!  

Once again, R-Man was showered with gifts!  He received a great CARS puzzle book (Mama's favorite- learning and fun combined!), an Iron Man with a car, and a remote control dump truck to name a few.  The big gifts will be coming throughout the summer though, since my Grandma helped pay for R-Man's summer T-Ball program and Nana & Papa bought R-Man a (plug your ears!)... drum set!!!  AHHHHHH!!  I know he is going to love it but I very well might loose my mind in the process!  Oh well!

R-Man w/ Cousin J

R-Man w/ Great Grandma K & Grandpa in the background!

It was a great birthday that he didn't want to end!  He still insists that it is, in fact, still his birthday, but we keep reminding him that is will come again next year- for now he can just enjoy being 4!