Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I love about you- 15 months!

You are still a total and complete handful (seemingly more so by the day) but you are also getting more and more fun!  These are the things I love about you right now:

Your cheesy grin!  You love smiling for the camera now!

Your silliness- you really like to by sly and funny and see if anyone notices.
One of your big mischievous moves these days is finding the remote!
Yup- you're naked behind that milk jug!  You LOVE taking off your diaper and running away as fast as you can!
Your new-found love of your apron!  You bring it to me all the time so I will put it on you!
Just Cute!
You are enjoying books more.  Now you not only tear them off the shelves but actually sit and look at them for a while!
You have an inherent sweetness behind the whining and mischief!
How badly you wanted to "hunt" with you dad and brother! You were freaking out because you wanted to be in the blind with them so much!  You can't wait to be older!
Sweet love!
You have always wanted to be held, but you are becoming more of an actual cuddler these days.  I love those moments!
You and your brother pick on each other to no end but you also love each other and I catch you snuggling every now and then.  I love how you go around the house calling for him (although you say "mama" you mean his name) if you can't find him and the way you two interact is priceless.  I can see a life-long friendship flourishing and it is incredibly sweet!
You are cutting teeth, sleeping horribly and constantly ransacking our house but I wouldn't trade you for the world!  You give me a total run for my money and I love you to pieces!  

Oh, and you weigh 25.14 lbs and are 33 1/3" long!!  Just 7 inches shorter and 5 pounds lighter than your brother who is three whole years older than you!  It's insane... but I have the most toned arms of my life!

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