Thursday, September 16, 2010

At the lake...

We have had a few opportunities to spend sometime out at a nearby lake last summer and I just wanted to share some of our pictures from the fun times we had!

The first time we headed out for a local street fair with Nana (my mom) and boy oh boy, was it a busy and HOT day!  We had a really fun time though!  One of the highlights of Rhythm's day was getting a tattoo (airbrushed on)!  He felt like such a stud!

Tough Guy!
We checked out the local sandcastle artist...

And a fountain in the park...

Then, to escape the heat and have a little fun, we dared drag that darned stroller all the way down the steep, gravely beach to go swimming and build some sand castles of our own!

Woo!  A little deeper and colder than expected!

Teamwork- precious and rare!
Check out that booty!  And that is without a diaper!

When we were done at the beach we headed up to another fun little fountain in the park to wash off and get dressed to go.  I love this little fountain- it gives way to a little stream that runs all the way down to the lake and you can walk in it the whole way!  Refreshing and fun!

"Ahh!  It splashed my face!"
Gotta wash those feeties!
And I swear- I really was there, even if I'm not in any of the pictures!  Haha!  Isn't mama always behind the camera?!  It was a great day and just the first of a few that we had out at this little lake town- but I'll save the rest for another post!
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