Friday, September 3, 2010

Winner of the Hands on Bible!

Well, let's face it- you guys had pretty stinkin' good odds!  As much as I would have loved to have more entries, I am very happy that choose the person that they did, because, let's also face it, I feel like I owe this person a lot!  I mean, she has written our entire core curriculum for this year, provided it for free and has been a loyal friend and follower for almost 3 years now!  If you haven't already guessed, the Hands on Bible goes to....

Congrats and THANK YOU for everything!!

For the rest of you who didn't win, better luck next time!  And if you haven't heard of Carisa or 1+1+1=1 (which is actually pretty impossible if you read my blog in any capacity) then you really should go and check her and her out!  You won't be sorry!
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