Friday, August 27, 2010

Preschool Corner- Week #2!!

preschool corner

Hmmmm, what is there to say about this week?  We did make it through all of our Raising Rock Stars work, but that pretty much sums it up!  Drat!  It started off with just not getting as prepared for the week as I should have on Sunday evening.  I then found out that an old friend of mine died over the weekend- a big emotional hit even though I haven't seen him in years.  Follow all that up with the boys and I all getting colds, leading to erratic sleeping schedules and general crankiness, and our week couldn't help but culminate in routine and school FAIL.  Arg.

Well, let me show you what we did do:

Rhythm is really enjoying doing his Weekend Report each Monday.  He has taken to coloring much more than he ever has before, and what you see him doing in this picture is actually dictating what he is "writing" about his weekend!  Very cute and funny!  He literally talked and "wrote" for 5 minutes straight!

Here he is taping his verse strip up on the wall behind his chair.  He loves all of the cutting activities in the Raising Rock Stars Curriculum- right up his hands-on alley!

We found a Phineas and Ferb (big fans here!) folder at Target before school started and he loves putting all of his completed work in it during the day.  At the end of the week we then put all of his work from the week into his Raising Rock Stars binder as we review.

At the beginning of the week we did manage to complete the assessment sheets that Carisa has to offer on her Raising Rock Stars site (I think they are in the members only section- which is only $10 for a lifetime membership!!  Yeah- serious deal!!  It may be going up slightly soon though so get in while the price is still this crazy!).  Rhythm did better than I expected with some things and other he was right about where I expected.  It was very helpful to have this gage to mark his progress on and will be nice to compare back to and keep a record of throughout the year.

He is so goofy!  Here he is coloring his Ten Commandments craft. He kept getting very distracted (or perhaps he was dawdling- I'm still deciding) by his crayons!  He had to have them all perfectly lined up next to each other and desperately wanted to get out one of his truck and trailers to haul them on (which he did later do!).  

I can see that distractions are going to be a constant battle for him (even the leaves blowing in the wind outside the window have the potential to completely sidetrack him!) and the more organized I can be the easier this battle will be to win.  I have to get back in the game with our routine this week!  Even though our first week was rough, I can so see the difference there was in his ability to follow the flow and stay on task week 1 vs week 2.  I am hoping we will all be feeling better by Monday and I will be able to get everything in place for a much more smooth week!  Wish us luck- better yet, pray very hard!

Just to wrap things up I thought I would include a little video of Rhythm saying his memory verse from week 1! Enjoy!

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