Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tot School for sickies!

Tot School

Ugh- as I mentioned in our Preschool Corner post, the boys and I have had colds all week!  They have both been waking up throughout the night and on the whole our sleeping schedules have just been really messed up.  Bleh.  So, of course the sickness and sleepless crankiness took their tole and it was difficult to keep Lion Cub happy and occupied during school time.

He did happily do some coloring for a bit, but inevitably ate half the crayon, bringing the activity to an abrupt halt! 

He also worked with his stacking rings some, but mostly enjoyed throwing them on the floor!

The one gem I did discover this week that I actually employed during dinner preparations instead of school to keep Lion Cub from screaming and clinging to my legs, was Rhythm's old bean bin!  

Oh man- is this thing ever going to make its way into Tot School!  They both loved it, but Lion Cub especially could have sat there for hours (and he practically did)!  

Now I must admit- the mess was considerable!  At one point every. last. bean. was on the floor!  But he was happy and content, which is so rare that I didn't even care.  As soon as they began throwing the beans, however, I did have to wrap up this activity, but as soon as I can find a bigger bin (that Lion Cub can actually sit in) I can see this becoming a very regular option for him!

I'm hoping to set aside some time today to get a little bit more organized about our Tot School options for the week (along with school in general).  Now, if a certain little someone will just cease his screaming, whining and clinging...

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