Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Homeschooling blogs

This morning I got together with an old friend so that we could do nothing but let our kids play and talk about curriculum!!  Our oldest kiddos are only about 6 months apart, so we are in close to the same stage of planning.  She is one of my few friends who really "gets" how interesting and fun it is to talk about curriculum- and let's face it, the hubs is pretty "over" hearing about my latest and greatest homeschooling find!  It was such a nice day, full of lots of sharing and learning as we got to peer into each other's plans in person, hands on!

One question she asked me, which of course spurred this post, was which are my five favorite homeschooling blogs.  Wow- that is a task to narrow down!  However, there are a few gems that I do end up spending most of my time gleaning from.  Are you ready- you don't want to miss this- here they are:

Homeschool Creations
 This has been my most frequent stop as of late as I map out what our Kindergarten and First grade curricula will look like.  I love her eclectic style that seems to emphasize true emersion into the subject matter.

Aaaaa- my old trusty standby!  I have been following Carisa for years and just love everything she has to offer!  And, of course, she is the creator of our preschool curriculum for the next year- Raising Rockstars.

raising olives button
Big family, great homeschooling perspective and lots of helpful advice from a mama who has lots to offer!

Mama Jenn
She just has lots of great ideas and I like the way she organizes!

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
A great hub of homeschooling happenings and link-ups!  Plus, don't you just LOVE her blog title?!

There are a lot of other favorites and some homeschooling sites that aren't blogs that I will be posting about soon on my Favorite Homeschooling Sites page up top (but there aren't any there yet so don't bother looking!), but all in all, these are my favorites!  Do you have any homeschooling blogs that you just can't get enough of?
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