Monday, August 9, 2010

Our New School Room!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

So in reality this room is our School Room/Toy Room & Mama's Office/Studio.  Maybe I should just call it multipurpose!  Whatever we call it, it has been evolving for some time now and this last week or so I have been putting in the final push to get it done.  There are still some things I would like to add to the walls and a few things I would like to tweak and possibly move around, but those things are going to have to come later.  So here is my little tour (mind you it's small, and very full!)...

This is our main learning area.  We have our calendar and calendar board, our Raising Rockstar's Board, one of our pocket charts with schedule/workbox cards & calendar elements, supply drawers, kid table, bin with all of the main components of our curriculum for this year, and Rhythm's Workbox. We will most likely start our day out right here with our calendar time and introductions to our RRSP lessons for the day and then move Rhythm's workbox out to the dining room table as I think it will be easier to keep Lion Cub occupied if we are all sitting out there together.

This little corner is all mine!  I have my "desk" (yes, it is a sad little card table but someday it will be something fabulous!), my handy clipboards that I am still in the process of jazzing up (they hold my routines, immediate forms or bills that need my attention and other random information), my trusty computer (ok- it's not in the picture right now but it's usually there!) and that is really all.

On that same wall I have a bookshelf that houses all of my sheet music along with the books that we will be using with our units.  Above that I also have more of our workbox cards since I plan to use the top of this shelf as a sort of filling-station.

This crazy side of the room houses our massive (but wonderful!) food dehydrator (hoping to get a better stand for this soon, rather than the box- eek!), our changing table turned diaper and toy storage, and of course the toy bins that I think just about every family in America has, but hey, they work (and they were free- thanks Grandma!)!  My plan is to flip their car rug up over the toy bins during school time to help minimize the distractions.

Then, turning to the last wall, you will find our piano (which we are so excited to really start using this fall) as well as a cozy little reading corner tucked away in an otherwise unusable space. 

The boys love any sort of fort or tiny place they can sneak into, so this corner just screamed of opportunity to play on that love theirs!  I often times walk in to find a blanket suspended from the piano to the toys to just complete the fort-like feeling!

So that's it!  Humble and small (thus why it was so difficult to capture more complete shots) but I am so thankful that we have a space at all to be able to set up our school stuff in!

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