Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little summer fun...

I have a lot of catching up to do on the boy's blog to record all the fun and not so fun interesting things we have done this summer!  If I don't start somewhere I will never get it done, so here goes with a little post about our water trampoline.  Or, well, I guess I should say our former water trampoline.  You see, my husband and I purchased it when we were newly married- 6 years ago- and only used it that summer.  In light of our current business status (in between jobs but it's supposed to get better!) and the fact that the trampoline has actually increased in value since we purchased it, we thought it would be wise to sell this piece of water equipment that hasn't seen the light of day since that first summer.

Well, of course we had to get a picture of it to sell it on Craig's List.  So, my husband pulled it out to the front yard and blew it up- thus causing a bit of frenzy with the kiddos.  Of course we would decide to sell it right about the time that Rhythm is old enough to actually possibly use it and have a grand old time (if we ever got around to taking it to a lake!)!

We wrestled over the decision for bit but ultimately decided that we did, indeed, need to sell it, but not before both boys (and ok- I admit, even mama!) got to have a little bit of fun on it for the whole neighborhood to see!

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