Friday, August 14, 2009

Planning, Planning, Planning

Sometimes I feel like I am doing is planning, but I really want to find the best fit for R-Man- learning that he will enjoy and really get something out of. The last two weeks we have been primarily working from Hubbard's Cupboard Bible and Rhyme curriculum, but I think some lack of preparedness and the way activities were presented caused some frustration for R-Man.

So, new plan! We will still be working with the Bible and Rhyme curriculum, and following that basic schedule for the year, but I am going to try to work in more from ABC Jesus Loves me and Totally Tots. I also want to incorporate the Workbox System (Jolanthe @ Homeschool Creations has a lot of great information and printables!), as I think it will be a better way for R-Man to see the flow of his preschool day, and for me to stay prepared and organized as well!

I am also working on convincing my husband to let me turn our front playroom/guestroom into a schoolroom/office (for me- he has one already!). This would involve selling our futon and having him build me a couple of pieces of furniture (sheliving and such), but I think it would be really worth it!

So, that is the plan for now! It is ever evolving, as it should be, I think!
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