Monday, August 17, 2009

The Obedience Jar

As any of you who have 3-year-olds can probably relate, obedience can really be an issue with this age! Frustratingly, arguing and fits have become a little too commonplace in our house and we just haven't seemed to be able to get through to R-Man.

So, this past week we implemented the obedience jar! Basically, any time that R-Man flows our directions quickly and with a positive attitude (I once heard that obedience isn't really obedience unless it is quick, quite and complete :-)) he gets to put a ball in the jar. However, anytime he throws a fit, argues or just flat out takes to long to do what we are asking of him, we take a ball out. When the jar is full to the top he will get to pick a prize.

So far I think it is going pretty well. He definitely demonstrates a sense of pride when he gets to put a ball in the jar, and is frustrated (as he should be) when one gets removed. We reward him for anything that is asked of him, so, his "chores" or little things we ask him to do for us around the house (putting his bowl by the sink after meals, making his bed, picking up his toys, putting his clothes in the laundry room etc...) fall into this category and we don't have a separate program for those tasks (yet anyway).

I will keep you posted on how well this is working in a week or so. We are hoping it will help drive home the point of obedience in a tangible way and lead to smoother, happier days all around!
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