Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Open-ended Art: Mixing

We had so much fun with open-ended art this week! R-Man adores anything physical, so painting with his toes (and eventually his fingers too!) was just about the best thing ever! I definitely think this will be his favorite project of the week!

We did the project on our front porch area. It was a little windy, so I taped down two big sheets of paper and let him have at it. At one point there was so much paint that he looked like he was on an ice-skating rink and totally wiped out! He thought it was hilarious though, and hoped right back up saying, "Woe! It's swippewey (slippery)!

We took the idea of using feet from the "home" blog of Open-ended Art, Teaching My Little Bookworm. She recently had her kiddos mix paint colors with their feet, then cut out a piece of the art to add to their Open-ended Art books for the year, which we plan to do as well. She also read the Foot Book by Dr. Seuss, which I thought was a great idea, so we read it and Mouse Paint, which talks about mixing paint colors to make new colors. R-Man loves both books and we have read them numerous times since!

For more info on Open-ended Art, and to join the meme and see what theme is in store next (we can't wait to find out!) you can visit:
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