Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July- a little life-school!

R-Man had so much fun over the 4th of July weekend! We spent our time out at Grammy & Pappy's cabin at the lake and it was full of adventure for our wild 3-year-old!

When we first got there, Grammy broke out the water guns she had bought for him, which of course he LOVED! Pappy and Daddy quickly got soaked- but they retaliated soon after and all three of them were drenched!

R-Man had lots of quality-time with Grammy over the weekend!

They even read this book:

After reading "Who Pooped in the Park" they went on a hike and R-Man got to see lots of real-life examples of the subject matter!

They also explored a cave-
And had a rattle snake slither right by them- a little too close for Grammy's (or mom's!) comfort! (You can see the snake coiled up in the center of the picture under the branches.)

We spent lots of time just chillin'...
Playin' with Lion Cub...
And playing in the (very cold!) wading pool Grammy and Pappy got for R-Man!

We went down to a local campground to play in the water and sand!
Uh-oh! Got a little crazy!
R-Man also had fun spraying us all down with his water mister- it actually felt nice in the heat of the day!

And finally, we went to a local resort to watch the fireworks show! Luckily there was another 3-year-old little boy at the same look-out spot, so the two of them kept very busy while we were waiting for the fireworks to start!

Once they started, we sat in the back of our Jeep to watch the show. However, right before the big finale R-Man announced that he needed to use the bathroom (#2!) so we quickly packed him and his brother up and raced back to our cabin (about 15-20 minutes away)! Of course, when I rushed him into the bathroom as soon as we got back he did nothing more than fart! Yes- we missed the finale for a toddler fart! Haha! We got a pretty good laugh out of that one!

We topped off the night with some sparklers! It was R-Man's first experience with them and like any true toddler, he constantly changed his mind over whether he actually liked holding them or not! It was fun though and I am sure will be memorable for him!

It was a great 4th! A fun time to get away, relax a bit and, of course, experience lots of new things!
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