Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tot School- Getting back into the groove!

Tot School

This week we attempted getting back into Tot School a bit- we still aren't in full swing but at least it's some progress!

We started working on the ABC pages from the Totally Tots blog. Here is R-Man blowing bubbles to make bubble paper for his letter "B" page.

We also started counting our hours of reading to go towards our local library's summer reading program. If R-Man gets 15 hours of reading in by the first week in September he will get a prize (last year it was a ticket to a local children's museum!).

Life School
R-Man has had a lot of good quality time with Dad lately- including lots of adventures outside! While Jer was mowing the lawn R-Man got to "wash" his truck. He had lots of fun to say the least!

Of course, R-Man has also been getting lots of life school with his new little brother, Lion Cub! The other night we let R-Man fall asleep in our bed. I headed to bed with Lion Cub before Jer, so I decided we could just snuggle with R-Man until Jer came down and moved him. R-Man woke up a little bit and was chatting with me while I changed Lion Cub's diaper. I had to run upstairs for a minute and when I came back down I found R-Man telling Lion Cub all about how they are the same because they are brothers- same two eyes, same two ears, same toes, and so on- Lion Cub was just staring at R-man the whole time! It was the most adorable thing! I then got to have my two boys cuddled up to me- it was just precious! Moments I will never forget!
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