Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We have found our curriculum for the year!

Lately I have been searching for and praying about the preschool curriculum that would be best to start with R-Man this fall. I have really felt that our whole tot-school/homeschool experience would be going much better if I had something a little bit more concrete to follow than a bunch of random projects.

Well, after considering a few different curriculums I finally found my answer today! I recently started following Teaching My Little BookWorm and today she posted her curriculum choices for fall- ABC Jesus Loves Me and Hubbards Cupboard. I checked both of them out and they are wonderful, Bible-based curriculums- exactly what I was looking for! I have decided to use the Hubbards Cupboard, Bible & Rhyme for 3-year-olds as our main curriculum (it features a 3-day-a-week schedule which is just what I want!). I will supplement that curriculum with ABC Jesus Loves Me and a book I picked up this week called the Pray & Play Bible For Young Children.

In addition we will be completing a Letter Book with many of the activities from Totally Tots and will be using themes throughout the year to correspond with the books we will be reading and additional learning projects (listed in this blog post by Teaching My Little BookWorm). We will also be intergrating Open-ended Art Projects into our learning time, so stay tuned for those upcoming posts!

To top it all off we will be trying to focus as a family on making family discipleship more of a staple in our everyday lives- we have done this off and on but haven't been as consistent as we would like to be. We plan to have regular family devotions during our dinner time that will incorporate family worship, scripture memory, devotions and prayer (from the Pray and Play Bible for Young Children), and The Catchism for Young Children.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot! We will also be putting R-Man into Awana in September so that he can get out and socialize more, and will be looking into putting him into a local soccer program too. We may be continuing in a co-op with some friends as well, if the mama who heads it up decides to keep going with it! I may think about creating a small co-op of other mamas using the same curriculum that would meet just one day a week to do group projects and field trips.

There is lots in store and we can't wait to get started! It should be a great year!
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