Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I just have to tell you...


I just have to tell you how wonderful I think you are!  Things have been stressful lately and I haven't been as patient as either of us would like, and I think you need to know right down to your core that not only do I love you but I really like you!  I think you are such a good little boy and do a pretty darn good job obeying... most of the time!

You are so attentive and patient with your brother- a huge help that I never expected you to be!  You are so loving and calm with his incessant screaming- it doesn't even seem to phase you even when I feel ready to pound my head against the wall!  He adores you, and your dancing and antics never fail to amuse him and keep his attention!

Your big blue eyes and amazingly long lashes are so stunning- I know you are going to be quite the heart-breaker one day.  I am ever amazed at how beautiful you are, how fast you are growing and the crazy and interesting things that escape from your mouth!

Your ever-widening repertoire of dance moves is a source of constant entertainment for our family!  Your latest additions of The Robot and The New Orleans Bounce keep us in stitches every day!

Your imagination and creativity are so interesting to me!  Your invention of the "monkey kiss" and your silly gibberish are just the funniest things to your dad and me!

I am so blessed to be able to call you my son!  I couldn't be more proud of you or love you more than I do!

Always remember that the Lord is with you and loves you even more than I do.

Try to stay innocent as long you can.

Never loose your compassion, kindness and generosity.

Whatever you do, make sure it is first of all loving.

And never forget that no matter how big or how old you get, you are never too big or too old to snuggle your mama!

I love you sweet boy!

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