Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!

We have two huge Maple Trees in our front yard that drop an abundance of leaves each fall.  Usually this process takes a few weeks and we see the leaves gradually change color from green to gold to red over the course of that time.  This year, however, we had a rather fierce storm over a couple of days that caused all of the leaves to seemingly drop in one fell swoop!  You could practically hear the thud as all of our still-rather-green leaves hit the yard!


So, the boys and I ventured outside over the course of a few days to begin the clean up and R-Man had so much fun!  His favorite part was driving his monster truck through them, although he would inevitably end up getting stuck!


The picture above was taken by R-Man on the second day we worked outside- not too shabby!


Eventually he got to help daddy load the leaves into the back of his truck and take them to the dump, which was the highlight of his week!  Nothing better then a little manly work (and play!).  He is such a daredevil- he even jumped out of the back of his daddy's lifted Dodge Ram into the pile of leaves without blinking!  Fearless I tell ya!


The carpet of leaves is now gone, soon to be replaced by a blanket of white!  (Ahhhh!)  The seasons are so much more fun though when they are experienced through the eyes of a child!
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