Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last weekend we went to my grandmother's house (R-Man's great-grandma) to celebrate my mom's (R-Man's Nana's) birthday (which happens to be on Halloween).  We are not much for celebrating this holiday but we did decided to have a little dress up fun, mostly in terms of hair!  Here is R-Man with his new (and very real) Mohawk!

And here is Aunt Rena (R-Man's great-grandma's sister- confused yet?) and Uncle Rick (my uncle) with their matching wigs!  The funniest part is that Aunt Rena really wears her wig everyday and has worn the same style since the 70s!

Here is Aunt Michelle (my aunt) with a long black wig and eyelashes on to round out the gang!

It was a fun and crazy evening with lots of laughs and general hilarity! 

Happy Birthday Nana!  
Live it up cause next year is the big one (a half CENTURY!)!!
Oh she is going to hate me for writing that!  Haha!  At least she looks pretty stinkin' good for 50!  
Oh, wait, sorry mom, 49!  ;-)
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