Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adventures at the lake!

We spent the labor day weekend and the weekend before at Grammy and Pappy's lake cabin and R-Man had a blast!  They haven't put their boat in the water for two years, so this was the first time he really remembers boating and he adores it!  He "helped" Grammy drive and thought it was just about the coolest thing ever!

He thought the noodles were really fun to swim with and he went all the way around the boat!
He especially had fun swimming around with mama and splashing me, of course!

He got to blow bubbles with Grammy which was lots of fun too!

We pulled the boat up to a beach for a while to have lunch and play, and R-Man really loved building sand castles and finding rocks! 
This was his rock family- one for each of us!

The rest of the weekend me mostly spent just chillin' at the cabin and playing with Lincoln Logs!

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