Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Drums!

Well, after many weeks of waiting, Rhythm finally received his birthday drums!  The bummer- they were supposed to be blue (his favorite color) but the company accidentally sent red.  Not wanting to wait another 7+ weeks, we managed to convince him that red drums were seriously cool and he could still, indeed, be a rockstar!

Everyone asks me "How do you deal with the noise?!"  And honestly, when I first heard that my parents were buying these for him I was a bit concerned!  However, he usually only goes and plays them for a few short periods during the day and he always asks first.  To top it off, he is actually pretty good!  He has a natural sense of rhythm (hence the new online name!) and has always been very musical.  More than just banging on them, he actually tries to keep a beat and he sings a little song he has made up (which changes daily) while he drums.  According to him, he is going to play his drums on American Idol someday!

It is pretty funny also because he usually bangs his sticks together and counts out the beat to get started!  Ya know- "And 1, 2, 3, 4!"  Then he launches into his song!  Afterward he almost always says "Thank you!  Thank you very much!" and then bows!  He is such a ham!

And, of course, Lion Cub likes to get in on a little of the action as well!  My mom insists that we are going to need two drum sets soon, but I think that is where I'll have to draw the line!  Can't one of them take up the guitar?!
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