Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer fun... At the pool

We have had so many fun time this summer and now that we are at the end, and I am getting back into my blogging groove, it is time that I get caught up on posting some of our favorite photos! So, this first catch-up post will give you some pics of a fun day at my parent's pool (ok, the pool at their apartment, but can we just pretend it's theirs'?) and my aunt and uncle's pool. The other boy you will be seeing in the lower pics is my cousin, J, who the boys positively adore! Enjoy!

Doesn't he look old in this shot?! A total glimpse of the future!

And at the aunt and uncle's...

A rare picture of my brother and I, sorry for whoever's finger is in the bottom of the pic! I'll edit it when I get a chance, I'm just happy to be posting!

My boys have had so much fun being in the water this summer! Hopefully they will get even more chances next summer and Rhythm will officially get out of that swim ring, although he did make some wonderful strides towards it this summer with his swim lessons! Look for more summer updates soon!

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