Monday, November 29, 2010

Eeek- how did this happen?!

November 29th?  Seriously?!  But wait!  I still have to post our summer pictures!  Erg!

I really don't know how time got so far away from me!  Maybe it has something to do with having two CRAZY little boys!  (FYI- Now that the snow gloves are out they have decided to use them as boxing gloves!  And Lion Cub is only 17 months old!  I just don't think this sort of thing happens with little girls!)  So, my hope is that as a little Christmas present to myself I will get all of our pictures caught up by December 24th and get back on my regular blogging schedule (oh the things I have to write for Tiny Talk Tuesday- you're going to just die!).  That's the plan any way!

So, for starters, how about a few fall photos!?  These were taken while raking up the yard about a month ago.  Both boys were eager to help and get right in the thick of it!

Big Helpers!

Jumpin' Away!
As much of a pain as these tree are to clean up, they sure do offer some great chances for childhood fun (much better the the pine needles I had as a kid!) and some awesome photo opps!  Can we say Christmas Cards?!  Yeah Baby!
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