Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday- June 22, 2010

Right back at 'cha mom!  Incorprated with pointing his fingers at me gun-style and clicking his tongue!  So funny!

Mom, you are so beautiful!  I just want to put a flower in your hair because you are so beautiful!  (I think dad needs to take some lessons from our little charmer!  He tells me I'm beautiful too, but this kid is suave!)

A few weekends ago R-Man was spending the night with Nana and Papa when I received a call from my mom-  "So, do you know what 'rock your body' is from?"

I about died laughing!  I typically listen to a Christian radio station in my car but my husband had changed it one day while we took a drive.  In that short time R-Man seems to have memorized the entire chorus of Rock Your Body (or as he would say, "Come on, come on!  Rock your body!  Uh! Uh! Rock your body right!")!

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