Thursday, March 4, 2010

At Work with Dad!

About a month ago Jer had a big excavator on the job he was working on and he invited R-Man to come up an the d check it out!  The first day we went up he just got to look and get inside but the second day he got to ride around with him for the whole afternoon!  Trust me, that was this little boy's DREAM COME TRUE!!  He L-O-V-E-S big machines and trucks, so having his dad make a special little seat for him right behind the driver's seat and get to ride around and "help" for hours on end was just about the best thing ever!

He is so funny because he is very specific in his speech- he always wants to call things by their proper names (trucks are to be called trucks, not EVER cars, etc...).  Well, he knew most of it before, but now he can really name every different part of a trackhoe and tell you what it does!  It is adorable!  What a great learning experience!

Waiting in eager anticipation!

So excited... and a little goofy!

Snugglin' Lion Cub just trying to pass the time!

Soakin' up daddy loves!

And some pictures he took while waiting!

He also has a thing for forklifts and bobcats!

Lion Cub was clearly thrilled to be there!  Someday buddy, someday!


Awww... he loves me!

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