Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year, New Curriculum!

I don't know if I mentioned over here on this blog that back in December I won an ENTIRE YEAR of Itty Botty Bookworm curriculum from Jolanthe @ Homeschol Creations (who also runs this meme- hop over and join in the fun!)!  Well, obviously I couldn't have been more thrilled since I had toyed with the idea of purchasing this curriculum many times but just couldn't afford it!  So, what a HUGE blessing to have received it for free! 

We started the first week of the new year, had a bit of a snafoo (aka- R-Man got and abbreviated version of the flu and I lost my mind!) last week that allowed us only to get a few of the projects done, but we are back again this week with a vengeance! 

First of all, I have to just say that we are genuinely LOVING this curriculum!  It is so much better than I even dreamed it would be!  Incredibly simple to follow and having everything laid out already really simplifies things and makes it much more doable. 

Beyond the actual logistics of how well written the curriculum is, R-Man is getting sooooo much out of it!  I have seriously been shocked!  It may be partly because he is getting older also, but all of the sudden things are just clicking for him!  He is really starting to get his letters down and beginning to acquire basic reading concepts.

Plus, he adores the projects!  When he found out that he got to cover this icecream cone with frosting and marshmallows as a counting activity he about peed his pants!  Of course, getting to lick the knife was pretty thrilling as well!

If any of you are looking for an amazing curriculum for preschool, you will not be wasting one dime of your money if you invest in Itty Bitty Bookworm!  I have even heard rumors that they may be coming out with a Kindergarten curriculum- so keep your ears peeled!  I am just hoping it will get finished int he next year and a half!

So yup- that's where we are!  You can expect lots of Itty Bitty Bookworm related posts and progress throughout the rest of the year!  Awww- how good it feels to finally have a curriculum that fits!
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