Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday- December 15, 2009

"If you're funky and you know it shake your head!"
Mama, "When Lion Cub goes to sleep you can paint."
R-Man, "With my feet?"
Mama, "No"
R-Man, "With my knees?"
Mama laughing and shaking her head.
R-Man, "With a paint brush?"
Mama, "Yes!"
R-Man, "OK" with a glum look on his face
"Mom, I'm going to make your hair pretty!  I'm going to make you like a rockstar!  I'm going to get it in a mohawk!"
R-Man, "Mom, can we get a dog?"
Mama, "No, honey. Our house is too small."
R-Man, "Can we just get a really teeny, small one?"
Mama, "No bud.  Our house is just too small for pets."
R-Man, "No it's not!  Its really, really big!  It's growing!  It's growing up to the air!"
He was down stairs having quiet time in my room, looking through books and didn't realize that the monitor was on!  It was so cute, and funny!  He was singing all about the trucks he was looking at, "I want that truck, and that tractor!  I want that bulldozer and "sbament" truck!"
There were so many other things he said that just cracked me up in the last two weeks- I wish I could remember them all!
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